Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Redcurrant Liqueur

So Redcurrants rescued from the beaks of blackbirds and other marauding birds in my garden. This was achieved using CDs. Apparently though, they soon get used to the glittering in the sunlight. So just in case I've been nipping in and out in the rain today to pick the ripest. 

I saw a programme last night on Channel 4 called Super Foods. They demonstrated that blackcurrants contain 6 times as much antioxidants as blueberries, so I can imagine redcurrants contain them too. Maybe not quite as much, as it tends to be colour dependant. 

I intend freezing them for later use in sauces, purées and for desserts etc. but in the meantime some liqueur.

I found this recipe in The Telegraph given to Xanthe Clay. I used my own measurements as usual because I have found it is very easy to add more sugar at a later date and very difficult to use the liqueur if it's toxic with the stuff.

225g redcurrants, stripped, washed, dried and crushed
50g sugar
2 tiny broken pieces of star anise (you can add more at a later stage in case it overpowers flavour)
Enough gin and white rum to almost fill a 70cl bottle (leave room to shake)

I used a combination of vodka and rum as that was what I had in the drinks cabinet.

Pour the ingredients into a bottle with a sealable top. Believe me, getting the mashed redcurrants into the bottle pictured reminded me of a rich man getting into heaven quote.....

Leave for at least 6 months and strain. Return to bottle and leave mature for a few more months. The longer with all these concoctions the better.

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